Disambiguation: Media in Africa Group is also the name of a South African Media Comapany [1].

Media in Africa is expanding rapidly due to advances in communications (telephone, fax and mainly the internet) this growth has been in leaps and bounds. By learning from developed countries, Africa has not been forced to 'reinvent the wheel' so to speak. Africans are a resilient people and although resources have been limited at times, it has produced people who could be referred to as genuine 'media giants'. In newspaper reporting, many Africans have won international media awards. In writing both prose and poetry, many awards have also been won by Africans, and Africa now boasts a Nobel Laurete in Literature, Prof. Wole Soyinka of Nigeria.



Advancements in satellite communication, and its availability in Africa (some countries in the continent have launched their own satellites into space), has meant that many local television stations are now viewed outside the continent.


Historically, Nigeria has boasted one of the most free and resilient newspaper presses of any African country, even under its past military dictatorships, most of whom, including the current civilian president, have shown an intolerance to the press. In the rest of the continent, vibrant journalism is also getting to be the order of the day. As in more developed countries, many journalists, in a bid to uphold the integrity of the profession, have preferred to go to jail rather than betray the confidentiality of a source.

In 2005, journalists representing 23 African nations met in Cameroon and established the Society for the Development of Media in Africa (Société pour le Développement des Médias Africains, SDMA).[2]

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