Please include the following in the editorial section of the Arizona Daily Sun:

This serves as a formal complaint as well as a request for a refund of our dinners as outlined below: While dining with my husband, son and daughter in law at the 1893 Steakhouse in Heber, AZ on April 24th (3) out of (4) of us ordered their signature steaks: (1) Ribeye steak ordered "blood" rare (This steak was less than 1/2" thick) (1) New York steak ordered medium rare (1) Ribeye steak ordered rare ALL (3) steaks came OVERLY WELL DONE. Our waitress(nor anyone else) never came to ask how everything was. When the young gal began to clear our table, my husband asked her why no one came to ask us how things were; she then asked if we wanted to speak with a manager and we said that we did. However, no manager came; but instead our waitress appeared with our bill (of course)at which time WE asked HER why she didn't come by to ask us how everything was. She said she didn't know, but then asked us and my husband said "Not very good, the steaks weren't cooked correctly and had no taste. Only my shrimp scampi dinner was fine. Since my son was paying for our dinners, he got up to try to negotiate some sort of fair reduction in the bill. After all, these steaks were $20.00+ each; total bill amount of $120.00. My son was told that they would NOT offer ANY reduction. After paying the total bill, and upon leaving, both my husband and my son tried one last attempt to resolve this matter and were told that we needed to leave! Never before did we receive such incredibly poor service/by ignoring us altogether (until the bill came) and amazingly bland food while dining at a "Fine Dining" restaurant. Honestly, I don't see how any restaurant can be so rude and still stay in business. Even fast food "rookie" employees are more courteous than they were at the 1893 Steakhouse. Thanking you in advance for your very prompt attention in this matter.

Debi Schmaltz 301 West Jeanine Drive Tempe, AZ 85284 Tel: 480-820-2081 Fax" 480-820-1942

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