Other possible assignments
  • Ward's Wiki (the Portland Pattern Repository) was the original Wiki
    • Interview originator Ward Cunningham (see his Wikipedia page for past interviews)
    • Compare a super-contributor from there, in its heyday (late 1990s(?)) to one from Wikipedia?
  • Art (aka images) about wikipedia, etc.
  • Niche wikis, especially internal ones used within a busines or other organization.
  • Fact box, etc., on wikis in general
    • Difference between structure and process at WP and with Linux
    • Graph of growth
    • History
    • Table of some notable wikis, wiki farms, software
    • Where to find more info
    • Why wiki, why not
  • Also see talk page.
Related assignments
  • Citizendium (see great Shirky piece on Wikipedia vs Citizendium at [1] )

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