When entering the world of journalism one should not feel obligated to stick to one particular aspect. 

Journalistic WritingEdit

When working in the media, writing is the key to being successful. Print journalism stays as a written document, but all broadcast ideas start with writing.Though the finished product is something you may hear vocally or see visually, journalists must write in order to create their newscasts. The flow of the story is also what makes it successful. When writing any piece there must be organization to the point the story flows nicely making it easier to understand for the audience. 

Triple Threat Edit

Upon becoming a journalistic triple threat, it is important to remember experience is what matters in this industry. Though you may have print, radio and television experience it is important to choose one aspect to become a specialty. This can be seen when applying for journalism job. The most important secret is to have depth to your experience. An individual may have experience an in long and five miles deep, while another may have experience five miles wide and an inch deep. By having experience in all three, a journalist because well rounded and marketable.

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