When tragedy strikes it is never an eay thing to report on, especially if the journalist is stuck in the middle.

Removing BiasEdit

An important goal to reach for in journalism is being able to write objectively. Though it is impossible to remove all bias, one must strive to do the best they can. In result of tragic events both sides of the story will whirl around social media sites and rumors will fly. It is up to the journalist covering the story to remove personal bias from the story though they are seeing  the victim, victim's friends, and one who created the tragedy talk about why they are not at fault. 

Become EmotionlessEdit

It may sound like a drastic thing, but it is something one must do while covering a tragic event. It is best to stay calm and composed while reporting on an incident. While on air there should be no trace of worry in your voice. A calm and comforting tone should be used and one should not break down on the air. As long as the individual can not give into emotions, they wilol be able to cover a tragedy much easier. 

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