Copley Press is a privately held newspaper business, originally founded in Illinois, but now based in La Jolla, California. As of 2005, it publishes 10 daily, 9 weekly, and 1 bi-weekly newspapers. It was formerly the owner of KCOP Television in Los Angeles.

Pulitzer PrizesEdit

  • 2006 National Reporting: Copley News Service and The San Diego Union-Tribune (with notable work by Marcus Stern and Jerry Kammer), for their disclosure of bribe-taking that sent former Rep. Randy Cunningham to prison in disgrace[1][2]

Additionally, the San Diego Evening Tribune, predecessor of its flagship newspaper Union-Tribune, won Pulitzer Prizes in 1987 and 1979.

Former CIA frontEdit

In the late 1970s, reports began surfacing in the American media that the Copley Press was being used as a front by the Central Intelligence Agency. Reporters Joe Trento and Dave Roman revealed that James S. Copley, who served as publisher until 1973, had cooperated with the CIA since its founding in 1947. They also reported that a subsidiary division, Copley News Service, was used in Latin America by the CIA as a front. Further, they revealed that reporters at the Copley-owned San Diego Union and Evening News spied on antiwar protesters for the FBI. At the height of these operations, at least two dozen Copley employees were simultaneously working for the CIA. James S. Copley was also involved in the CIA-funded Inter-American Press Association.[3][4][5][6]

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