on Wikipedia Edit

  1. Wikipedia's crowdsourcing page- [[1]] has a list of projects - [[2]] - some involve journalism, some do not

Crowdsourced Journalism projects Edit

  1. Some Crowdsourced Journalism projects

Some Non-journalism crowdsourcing projectsEdit

Law enforcementEdit

  1. America's Most Wanted
  2. Reporting gross polluters (1-800-END-SMOG)

Citizen ScienceEdit

  1. Volunteer weather station monitors
  2. Cornell bird projects, Audubon Xmas bird counts
  3. River monitors, e.g. on the Colorado River [[3]]


  1. SETI and Distributed Computing [[4]], [[5]]
  2. Origins of the Oxford English Dictionary - [[6]]
  3. Master Gardeners - [[7]]
  4. China's Barefoot Doctors - [[8]]

Dark sideEdit

  1. Rwanda (orchestrated mob violence)
  2. Fiction - Fahrenheit 451 ("look out the window to find Guy Montag"; orchestrated totalitarianism)

Also seeEdit

History of crowdsourcing

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