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Basic formattingEdit

New entries on talk pages

You can use a colon or mutiple colons to indent paragraphs and thus signal a new entry on a talk page.

Section headings

You can make new section headings on a page by enclosing them with at least a pair of equals signs.


You can sign your comments with four tildes. It took me a while to find these when I started. It's usually the shift key plus the key immediately to the left of the No. "1" key and under the the "esc" key.

Sigs are usually just used on the talk pages, although there are exceptions. A difference behind related to this is that usually material on talk pages is not changed (except for archiving), or only by the original writer. Material on "article" pages is usually expected to be changed. Attribution info for specific edits is available by looking at the history pages.



The history page can be used to see the various versions of a page, edit summaries, and comparisons between versions.


You can use the Sandbox to try formatting, etc.

Want more help?

You can ask at User talk:Maurreen or almost anywhere. Maurreen watches for recent changes over all of Journawiki, but doesn't always check the site every day. Also, you should be able to use the "contact" function, if everything is working right.

For live help with Wikia in general, you can try this.

This article is incomplete, and could use your help.

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