Acclaimed reporter and news respondent Joel Landau, has a rich career with thousands of unique stories covered. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and Government from The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick. Before graduating, he got his first job over at the National Law Journal, where he covered stories on latest criminal cases and their development, as well as about new trends and technological advances in the legal industry.

Looking for a career change, after a while he left the journal and accepted a position at Yes! Weekly. In his new position, Joel Landau was responsible for supervising the news content, overseeing a team of editors, as well as their staff, and was in charge of story placement. While he was working as their news editor, the Yes! Weekly was the nation’s "Best Teenage Daily" by the Associated College Press Convention.

Over the period of one year, Joel Landau served as writer and editor for the Journal Register Company. After that he transferred at the NY Daily News, where he stayed until September 2015. During his time at the NY Daily News, Joel Landau reported pieces and unique stories that were mostly focused on YouTube and other viral online videos.

In his free time, Landau writes books. In the past year, he published a book on Amazon criticizing the modern trends that have occupied journalism and are striving to dominate the mass media industry of this sector.

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