Landmark Communications is a privately-held media company headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia and specializing in cable television, broadcast television, print publishing, and internet publishing. In addition to publishing, it has subsidiaries in what Landmark characterizes as "emerging businesses" that including database marketing, career education and trade shows.

Landmark's best-known media outlet is The Weather Channel. A second cable outlet, The Travel Channel was owned by the company from 1987-98, when it was sold to Discovery Communications.

Landmark also owns three major daily newspapers:

Through its Landmark Community Newspapers subsidiary, it owns five community daily newspapers:

It also owns over 120 community and special-interest newspapers in sixteen states. This includes seven publications that cover college sports at Florida State University, University of Florida, Indiana University, University of Iowa, University of Nebraska, University of Kentucky, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Landmark owns two television stations:

Landmark is also part-owner (with Pelmorex) of Canadian weather channels The Weather Network and MétéoMédia.

Landmark formerly owned WFMY-TV, Greensboro, North Carolina and WTAR-TV (now WTKR) Norfolk, Virginia, but was forced by FCC crossownership rules to sell both stations in the 1970s. Under the rule, Landmark could not own both a newspaper and a television station in those markets.

It owns four career training schools that focus on health-related career education:

Landmark owns Continental Broadband, a managed data network services company serving business customers in Ft. Lauderdale, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Hampton Roads, Pittsburgh and Richmond. Continental's award-winning Ethernet Anywhere product is now available in several markets.

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