thumb|368px|left|The One Who Respect Women"Paolo Feliciano" or Known as " KimpoyFeliciano" in Tumblr or on Twitter, he was known as a charming guy from Switzerland, He has a lot of followers nationwide, Every Girls who followed him was very serious about him, Because KimpoyFeliciano was being nice to his Fans....

And aside of being Charming he has a lot of talents he can sing,dance etc....... He was a multi- talented man with a nice hearted person, he loves his fans a lot even through simple things like saying thank you through greetings, so that's why his fans was very nice to him.... He can appreacite every single things.... he also doing like making patawa to his fans on tumblr posting a video like "Pinoy Banat's",Aside of taht he can also share his talents through singing in front of the video .... :)

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