These are also called by other names, such as Web feeds. They use technology such as RSS, Atom and XML.


ABC News: Top Stories Collection of news headlines.

BBC News: News Front Page: World Edition Collection of International news headlines.

CNN -- Top Stories Feed of the top stories from CNN.

CNN: Recent Updates Coverage of the latest stories, weather, entertainment, and politics.

Der Spiegel News and POV from Europe's largest newsmagazine.,5291,676,00.xml

FOX News US and international news.,4313,0,00.rss

Google News Aggregated headlines from many of the world's news sources.

Guardian Unlimited International and UK news and comment.,,1,00.xml Hourly uppdated international news.

Reuters -- World News Breaking news from around the globe. News from a wide variety of sources.

Yahoo News: Top Stories Daily news and full coverage of current issues.

Credit and categoriesEdit

Most of this information was originally copied from Chainki. You can see the historial page there.

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