Recently in the Bloomington-Normal, Il community there was a tragic loss. Micahel Collins, a senior at Illinois State University, was hit by a drunk driver in the early morning hours of March 29, 2014. With him in the car were two other ISU students and one local community college freshmen who served as their designated driver. It was then when the community rallied together in hopes he would survive, and college media was buzzing around campus. 

The Background InformationEdit

So how does this relate to anything at all? Yes, a tragic loss happened in a college town, but it was because I have lived in this town my entire life that made my experience a little different. It was not until I was doing some snooping until I found out  both Michael and I had graduated with the drunk driver's son's girlfriend. 

So there I sit on social media seeing many of my friends praying for a miracle, and this young girl who is making light of the situation. 

My ExperienceEdit

Because I knew both sides of the story I found out at that moment what it was like to cover tragic losses. On one hand you feel anger for the other person, but on the other you feel  like you should have some sympathy for the drunk driver and family. Thankfully there is no bias in journalism (at least that is what we are taught).  

My experience with this is what I believe is preparing me for my future career. Not only did I have to stay unbias, but I was able to control my emotions when going on the air. I was able to save my face and keep my image up, despite what was falling apart around me. 

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