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New York, N.Y., USA.


The New York Times Company


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1.1 mil 1.7 mil

The New York Times is one of the largest and most influential newspapers in the United States. It is owned by The New York Times Company, which also owns and operates 40 other papers including The Boston Globe and The International Herald Tribune.

As of 2004, its circulation is more than 1.1 million on weekdays and 1.7 million on Sundays.

According to its Web site, The Times has won 89 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other paper, as of 2005.

But in the early 2000s, it was rocked by a scandal involving Jayson Blair, who was found to have plagiarized and fabricated articles. The Times' response included the resignation of Howell Raines as editor and the creation of the position of public editor.

The chairman and publisher is Arthur Sulzberger Jr.

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