Nominate a journalistic wonder.

The Poynter Institute is asking for nominations for Seven Wonders of the Journalism World.

From Roy Peter Clark:

"We want to have fun with this, but selecting the Seven Wonders of the Journalism World also has a serious purpose: to remind all of us of the historical forces that help us do our best work today; and to articulate a set of enduring values that will help protect and advance journalism in unsettled times.
"We have created a process which, with your help, will produce a product, one that would teach journalism history interactively, reminding journalists of their glorious past -- with an eye to the future."

1. Nominations are being accepted in six categories (copied from Poynter, except "Sept. 11" was changed to "Sept. 12."):

2. Ten finalists are expected to be chosen in each category.

3. Readers would vote.

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